Life and Performance Coaching

I am a Board Certified Life and Performance Coach offering clients assistance in getting to the next level in their life. This form of coaching is unique from therapy, mentoring, consulting, and even other forms of coaching like guiding an athletic team. Life coaching is "the basic operating system: a whole-person, client-centered approach" to help people reach their personal and professional goals in an agile way.

I work with clients in one of three ways:

  • - Quarter-Life Coaching Package
  • - Career-Transition Coaching Package
  • - Session-Based Coaching

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Quarter-Life Coaching

This is a package designed for individuals still early in their career and looking for a clear path forward. Are you still looking for the right job fit? Trying to determine how to make a living from multiple income sources? Deciding what type of employment is right for you: working within a corporate setting, being self-employed, pursuing an entrepreneurial venture, starting a social good enterprise.

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Career Transition Coaching

People find themselves needing a transition at various points in their career. Maybe you have gone as far as you want to with your present career and you’re ready for a new challenge. Perhaps you can see the writing on the wall, you realize your industry is shrinking and you want to get ahead of the change curve. Maybe you are ready to move to a new location or your position no longer feels safe.

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Session-Based Coaching

Maybe you are thinking, "I need coaching, but not for my career." I also offer smaller packages of session-based coaching to help you find answers to other questions in life, including:

  • - Relationship questions
  • - Finding your purpose in life
  • - Living a life with deeper meaning
  • - Wanting to make an impact on the world

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