You can’t
succeed alone.

But we can
thrive together.

What I speak about ...

I was a success … until I wasn’t. I was a sought-after change management specialist, guiding large organizations through significant transitions. I earned a PhD and helped shape the minds of students who are now in the market making a difference of their own. Then it all fell apart. And I had to practice what I had always preached … we can’t succeed alone, but together we can thrive. I’d love to provide you with practical ideas to inspire community solutions to big problems.

Will Samson

Will Samson works with C-Suite executives, college students and community activists. As VP of Strategic Growth and Change at Inzet, a coaching and consulting firm in the Washington, DC area, his goal is to guide people and organizations toward a new way of understanding the world … a world in need of interdependence and community action. Will earned his PhD in Sociology from the University of Kentucky. His research on community has been published by Oxford University Press. But so much more than an academic, his activism has given Will a perspective and a passion for healing and growing the world with real world solutions. And his personal struggles give Will a connection to audiences searching for authenticity and vulnerability.


You Can’t
Succeed Alone

You Can’t Succeed Alone

You can’t succeed alone, but you can thrive together. I had to learn this lesson the hard way when my life fell apart. I was able to rebuild and grow by practicing what I had preached, which is that we succeed by creating networks of opportunity for each other. I demonstrated that we can thrive together, but we fail alone. In this talk I discussed my journey back toward wholeness, and I provide important lessons and real world solutions for the deep problems that plague us and our communities.

Transforming for the World That Is

Transforming for the World That Is

In my consulting and coaching I guide companies and organizations that are trying to understand how to navigate today’s complex market environment. What’s the biggest barrier to their success? They continue to equip themselves with analog products and ideas in a digital and networked world. In this talk I help you understand three major transitions your organization needs to make:

  1. From leadership to “contributorship,”
  2. From traditional management to design thinking and
  3. From pure profit to a sense of purpose that springs from balance between people, profits and social impact.

Becoming the Stories We Tell

Becoming the Stories We Tell

We are witnessing the collapse of communities and global systems. But that doesn’t mean we need to wring our hands in despair and give up. It also doesn’t mean we need to abandon community and pursue our own self-interest. We can create communities that matter. We can create movements that matter. The way we do this is we learn to tell new stories. In this talk I discuss the seven core desires all humans feel: to be safe, to be seen, to be heard, to contribute, to matter, to be loved and to belong. I provide practical ways these desires can help shape future communities that are filled with hope and healing.


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