January 9

3 Easy Steps to Creating Your Future Self


The start of a new year brings growth opportunities. So, how’s 2023 going? It may feel like you can’t let go of what is holding you back in the past. Why not focus on your future self instead? Finding tangible ways to access this part of yourself can be challenging. So, here are three steps you can take right now to move you toward your future dreams.

Step One: Desire Your quantum future self

Our future self is an exciting and vibrant reflection of the energy we create today. We can tap into this powerful potential to craft a bright, adventurous version of ourselves. With desire as our fuel, soaring possibilities emerge that might have previously seemed impossible or too “out there.” It’s time to explore what energizes you. Where do you choose to place your passion?

In this step, it is helpful to think of three years from now. We often overestimate what we can do in one year but underestimate what we can complete in three. So, three years from now, what will be different in your life? How will you spend your days? What will you put your energy into? Who will you spend time with?

Step Two: Imagine your tangible future self

Next, take that quantum vision of success and break it into milestones you can imagine. By doing this, you begin to connect your mind with your heart. Imagine what you can achieve soon that will bring you closer to your quantum future self. Set tangible goals. Give yourself the pleasure of joy and progress.

To make your future tangible, break your quantum desires into concrete achievements. I have some clients who find it helpful to create three-month goals. I find breaking things into thirty-day chunks even more useful. Making that energy concrete is what drives real growth and success. Get ready to start achieving those big dreams. And get ready to celebrate your wins!

Step Three: Plan for your immediate future self

Notice the three words that I used – desire, then imagination, then planning. Those words should guide how you progress toward your future self. Start with big, bold dreams that ignite your soul and fuel you to move forward. Next, unleash all your imaginative powers. Let creativity fill in the blanks between idea and reality. Finally, put together a plan. Make it happen by doing what’s necessary to turn ambition into achievement in the immediate sense.

Achieving your desired future self involves breaking down those big goals into manageable weekly commitments. Or, better yet, daily ones. The key to success in this area is to plan ahead. I end each day by reviewing what I achieved that day, then deciding what I will get done the next. This allows me to avoid decision fatigue as I start my day. This also allows me to celebrate my wins as they happen. (I discuss my method for celebrating wins in the “Take Action” section below)

Imagine the incredible possibilities that you can make come true for yourself! Act now with these 3 small steps and craft your bright future.

Take Action

Today’s “Take Action” borrows from money guru Ken Honda. In his Money EQ course, he recommends pre-celebrating your wins. For example, when he is ready to publish a new book, he brings his whole team together to have a party and commemorate what they believe the outcome will be – selling millions of copies, meeting the desired financial goals, and most importantly, changing lives with his message of happy money.

This celebration idea applies equally well to whatever you believe about your future self. Here is how I practice this:

  1. Every Sunday, I imagine what I want to accomplish that week.
  2. Then, on Monday morning, I start the week off with a celebration of what I believe I will achieve that week.

The following Sunday, when I plan my week, I review those things I celebrated the Monday before. I find that by starting each Monday believing I will get things accomplished, I am much more likely to have more things to celebrate. And I am much more likely to believe I can achieve great things in the coming week.

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