December 12

3 Lessons from 3 Years of Sobriety


Three years ago, I made a life-changing decision to pursue sobriety. It has been an amazing journey filled with growth and discoveries. Over time, lessons have surfaced that teach us the importance of growth, gratitude, and empowerment — here are three key takeaways from my experience:

One: I can grow from every situation

In my journey to recovery, I discovered a profound truth: serenity is available when you accept what lies beyond your control. It’s an understanding that even our most challenging moments have the potential to make us better people. Underneath it all is the belief in a kind universe that arranges everything for our greatest good.

Two: Gratitude is a gift I can enjoy any time

Throughout the entire journey of recovery, I’ve been blessed to realize how much gratitude can transform my experience. Even though addiction seems overwhelming and insurmountable at times, I’m endlessly grateful for those who have loved and supported me throughout it all. Gratitude is a powerful force that allows us to shift our perspectives in times of hardship – reminding ourselves just how many precious gifts we already possess.

Three: I NEVER have to be powerless

Despite believing I was powerless and broken, deep down I knew there had to be something more that could provide a path forward. And I found that in a group of people willing to love me and believe in me until I could create those feelings for myself. This collective strength revealed an inner power within me, allowing for progress toward recovery, which would not have been possible alone.

It’s a great irony that often goes unnoticed – as you rely on others to find healing, you can gain new strength and become empowered as the author of your own story. I remember when circumstances made it difficult for me to even take care of myself; yet, thanks to those who supported me along the way, I’m now helping others in their process.

If you’re struggling to find relevance in these three lessons, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We all have moments of pain that we can’t control – but by seeing each situation as an opportunity for growth, gratitude, and service, we can give ourselves more power over our lives than ever before. So why not make today the day when you start embracing life’s challenges with newfound strength?

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