Why do you want to work with a coach?

“I want … more money … business growth … better health.”

I can help you achieve those outcomes. But that’s not where we start our work together.

My clients get what they want out of life. One tech manager moved into a senior management position and is on track to reaching his 3-year vision of becoming a CTO. Another client successfully made a mid-life move from nonprofit solopreneur into consulting. A tech CEO grew her team and landed a dream federal contract.

But in each of those cases, we didn’t focus on promotions, team growth, or career development, at least not at first. We began with the Three T’s:

Transition … Transform … Thrive

The T3 Model … Transition, Transform, Thrive … takes a little bit of time and a lot of hard work. The work is hard because it involves outer and inner engineering.

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